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With Conax Contego Multi-DRM support your online streaming service will work on all browsers, utilizing HTML5 video and the browsers' embedded DRM. By using one of our HTML5 video player partners, your streaming service will continue to work across all browsers and with increased usability as there is no longer a need to install plugins.

Conax Contego Multi-DRM, with PlayReady, Widevine and FairPlay streaming support, is integrated with the commercial player providers Bitmovin, JWPlayer and THEOplayer. In addition, we support the open source players Shaka player from Google and Dash.js from MPEG Dash Industry Forum.

By clicking the different icons below you will be able to see a demonstration of each player and the configuration needed to set them up to work with the Conax Contego multi-DRM backend.

Bitmovin HTML5 Adaptive Streaming Player. The worlds most intelligent and intuitive Adaptive Video Player

• Faster Start Up and No Buffering
• Video Ad Support
• DRM Support
• No Plugins Required
• Virtual Reality and 360° Video

Patented technology in our player makes it ready for HD, UHD, Virtual Reality and 360º video formats
There is nothing more annoying to a user than waiting for a video that constantly stalls. Since the introduction of Adaptive Streaming Technology, users have realized that these interruptions are not necessary, and have come to expect a consistent video experience without buffering.

The Bitmovin Adaptive Streaming Player has a patented system that constantly monitors the video stream and automatically switches to a smaller and faster profile well before the video stream starts to buffer.

This intelligence, coupled with the fact that our player runs natively in HTML5 (which means the viewer does not require ANY other third party plugins, like Flash, or Silverlight) makes the

THEOplayer is the leader in HTML5 based video player technology delivering a world-class viewer experience across devices.

THEOplayer supports both HLS and MPEG-DASH and completely removes the need for plug-ins such as Flash or Silverlight to significantly simplify video delivery. The player is pre-integrated with partners across the video ecosystem including streaming, DRM, analytics, recommendation and ad insertion.

Our 100+ customers span all regions and sectors and include NBC, CNN, Twitter, VRT, Telenet, Swisscom, Ericsson, Cisco, France Televisions, Telia, UK Parliament and NASDAQ.

Key features:

• Adaptive playback of MPEG-DASH and HTTP Live Streaming (HLS)
• Video-on-Demand, Live and DVR streaming
• Simplified integration into ecosystem partners
• Support across non-MSE browsers (e.g. IE10 / IE11 on Windows 7) in HTML5 without plugins
• Support for CMAF (Common Media Application Format)
• Support for cross-platform DRM
• Option of UI or chromeless
• Option of cloud hosted or self-hosted

Playback features:

• Multi-audio tracks
• Seamless multi-period playback for MPEG-DASH
• Subtitles: CEA608/708, WebVTT, TTML
• Trick play: slow motion and high speed playback
• Frame accurate seeking
• Ads support: VAST, VPAID2, VMAP
• Dynamic Ad Insertion
Additional information can be found at

Awarded 2016 Streaming Media Europe VIDEO PLAYER SOLUTION/SDK

The DASH-Industry Forum has launched the dash.js project. dash.js provides a free, open source DASH player which can be used as a JavaScript player or as a reference client to implement DASH players for other platforms.





Shaka Player is a JavaScript library for adaptive video streaming. It plays DASH content without browser plugins using MediaSource Extensions and Encrypted Media Extensions.

"We are currently testing on the latest stable releases of Chrome, Firefox, and Edge, as well as IE 11 and Safari 9. We test using both Widevine and PlayReady, but any browser-supported DRM system available through EME should work."

"We support both ISO BMFF (MP4) and WebM content (even in the same manifest), WebVTT for subtitles and captions, both clear and encrypted content, and multilingual content. And best of all, it's free!"

Get the fastest startup and highest quality playback for your viewers — With HLS & MPEG-DASH support, your viewers will see beautiful live or on-demand video on iOS, Android and all desktop browsers.

Cross-device HTML5 HLS Playback
Market leading HLS support across HTML5 desktop and mobile browsers plus Android and iOS apps so you don’t have to worry about multiple video formats.

HLS Encoding
JW Platform automatically creates beautiful HLS or DASH encodes of your uploaded files, which maximizes quality and means your content is better-protected & bandwidth-efficient.

Enhanced Broadcast Ready Features
Stream live or VoD with ease. Provide viewers with multiple audio tracks, 608/708 captions, ID3 metadata & AES encryption. JWPlayer auto-adjusts video quality to available bandwidth for great viewer experience and retention.

Protect your content with DRM Support
JW Player 7.5+ supports Clearkey, Apple FairPlay, Google Widevine, and Microsoft PlayReady DRM. We also support Apple Fairplay through our iOS SDK and Google Widevine through our Android SDK.


Web PlayeriOS SDKAndroid SDK
HLS Streaming
Adaptive playback with Apple’s HTTP Live Streaming Technology
AES Encryption (HLS only)
Protect your content with AES-128 encryption
DVR Playback (HLS only)
Allow users to seek backwards during a live stream
CEA 608 Captions (HLS only)
The US broadcasting standard for captioned content
Multi-Track Audio (HLS only)
Play video with multiple language audio tracks
ID3 Timed Metadata (HLS only)
Enrich your streaming experience by inputting metadata
MPEG-DASH Streaming
The open standard for adaptive HTML5-based streaming
DRM Formats
Protect your content with digital rights technology
Autostart Playback
Plays content without user interaction (not supported on mobile web)
Multiple Sources
Use fallbacks to play back on the widest array of devices
Multiple Quality Levels
Embed static video files of multiple qualities and let users choose
Media Preloading
Start playback faster by preloading a small piece of your media
RTMP Streaming
Adobe’s Flash-only protocol (not adaptive!), in case you need it. :)
Progressive Playback
Playback involving a static video file like an .mp4

* HLS in Safari on Mac only, for desktop

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